IFC Infra(structure)

Welcome to the research initiative IFC Infra(structure).

The standardization of BIM for infrastructure is one of the major tasks of the next years to enable an efficient and digital planning of infrastructure construction projects.

Within this research initiative, which is a collaborative effort of Bauhaus University Weimar and Ruhr University Bochum, we test, improve and develop extensions for the next version of the Industry Foundation Classes developed by buildingSmart International (IFC5). IFC5 is expected to include extensive support for several infrastructure domains (e.g. IFC Road, IFC Bridge, IFC Tunnel, IFC Rail, etc.).

In this context, the first active project is the IFC Alignment Project that, in general, provides an extension for alignment planning. Together with AEC3, CSTB and CMS, we have tested the IFC Alignment data model. Currently, we are working on IFC model extensions for tunnels and rails.

The extensions of the IFC model have been implemented based on the IFC Viewer of the IFC Tools Project. As can be seen in the demo area of this website, the examples of the IFC Alignment Project of buildingSmart International can interactively be loaded and visualized using the IFC WebGL Viewer. Extensions for tunnels and rails will be available soon.

If you are interested in checking and visualizing own IFC Alignment examples, please contact us and send us your IFC files. Further information about IFC Alignment and IFC for Infrastructure can be found here

- IFC Infrastructure- buildingSmart International
- CMS – Technische Universität München